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Forzea Lift & Firm Daily
15ml (0.5 oz)
Our Lift & Firm Daily is an excellent skin treatment for aging skin that shows the signs of sagging, fine lines and  wrinkles. Like each of our products, our Lift & Firm Daily contains high-end ingredients that have been developed over years of testing and research. What is our Lift & Firm Daily?  Over time, due to the effects of aging and environmental exposure, our skin begins to show signs of aging and damage. Some of the most prominent characteristics of aging and damaged skin are sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. These symptoms are especially evident on the face and neck. The Forzea Beauty TM  Lift & Firm Daily product has been specifically designed and formulated to reduce these symptoms and to help restore the skin to a former healthier and younger state, resulting in tightening of the skin and reduction of sagging and wrinkles. We’ve also added high-end ingredients that provide nutrients to the skin and that result in healthier, more resilient skin that is more resistant to damage. Some characteristics and benefits of our Lift & Firm Daily are: Smooths and lifts the skin. Tightens the skin. Fights skin sagging. Boosts the natural production of collagen. Provides nutrients that help protect the skin DNA. Contains special processed natural ingredients that improve overall skin health. The main component that results in lifting and firming of the skin is the patented Idealift TM  technology. Idealift TM utilizes the lipodipetide N-actyl-Tyrosyl-Arginyl- O-hexadecyl ester which promotes correct and functional elastic fiber architecture in the skin resulting in tighter, firmer and more elastic and younger looking skin. In addition to the lifting & firming properties, we’ve also added additional ingredients that result in increased long-term health benefits for the skin. Those ingredients include polyphenols known as avenanthramides, which are molecules extracted from oats and that have strong anti-oxidant properties. Avenanthramides have been shown to reduce oxidative damage as well as provide UV protection. It has also been shown to reduce skin irritation that can be due to exposure to chemicals, UV and irritants such as allergens. Additional ingredients in our Lift & Firm Daily help over time to increase the amount of collagen in the skin resulting in a long-term boost and delivering a visible lift to the skin, also reducing sagging, lines and wrinkles. Forzea Beauty’s TM  Lift & Firm Daily is designed to give you rapid and dramatic results as an effective tool in your skin care regimen as well as longer term results as it improves the skin’s health and composition. Your skin will become more firm, have increased elasticity and will have the appearance of younger and healthier skin.  
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