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Forzea Eye Complex
15ml (0.5 oz)
Our Eye Complex Cream is a premium skin treatment for reducing fine lines and  wrinkles around the eyes,  reducing the severity of dark spots and evening out the skin, as well as minimizing symptoms of inflammation aroung the eyes. Exactly What is our Eye Complex Cream?  Over time, due to the effects of aging and environmental exposure, our skin begins to show signs of aging and damage. Some of the most prominent characteristics of aging and damaged skin are inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles and areas of darker skin, or dark spots. These symptoms are often most visible around the eyes. The Forzea Beauty TM  eye Complex Cream has been specifically designed and formulated to reduce these symptoms and to help restore the skin to a former healthier and younger state, and has been formulated to be safe to use around the eyes. What makes our Eye Complex Cream so effective? Our Eye Complex Cream contains high-end ingredients demonstrated to provide dramatic results in skin care: NET-STG, a natural anti-inflammatory, which has been shown to reduce the effects of inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema, acne and rosacea. SymVital ®  Age Repair which works to fade spots and correct skin redness, improve skin texture and regularity and reduce wrinkles. LipoLight ® , made up of optically activated particles that emits and diffuses visible light to dramatically reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. Cristalhyal, a pure molecule of hyaluronic acid which has exceptional moisturizing properties. Unisooth EG-28, a formulation that reduces inflammation resulting in decreasing the appearance of dark circles and redness. Neodermyl TM , effective in triggering the natural production of collagens and elastin in the skin, resulting in the visible reduction of deep wrinkles and increased skin firmness. RestoreSKN TM , a unique blend which actively promotes the production of collagen, elastin and skin intrinsic growth factors to deliver an amazing skin restrucuring and rejevenating effect. IBR-Gapture ® , an extract from the Jojoba leaf, shown to improve and restore skin integrity and restore a healthy, vital appearance to the skin. Kemiderm KMF, a system of vegetal phospholipids, providing powerful moisturizing effects. The powerful ingredients in Forzea Beauty’s TM   Eye Complex Cream work to: Help maintain healthy skin stem cells. Protect skin from environmental contaminants like UVB and general pollutants. Helps with uneven skin tone and improves the radiance of skin. Fades dark spots. Improves skin texture. Helps reduce the fine line wrinkles around the eyes as well as reducing “crows feet”. Increases collagen production in the skin. Reduces skin inflammatory responses.
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