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Beauty and Nutrition go Hand in Hand
It has long been understood that our nutritional health affects our appearance. Beauty products can only do so much and without proper health and nutrition we can never achieve our optimal appearance. We’ve all seen the person who just seems to have that “healthy glow” - their inner health is reflected in their outward appearance - and we’ve all seen the opposite. At Forzea, we recognize the connection between our inner health and our outward appearance, so we have spent years designing a combination of products formulated specifically to work together to help improve both our health and our appearance. So, we hope that you’ll continue reading and learn how our unique combination of products, combined with a healthy diet and good living, can help you achieve your optimal appearance.
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The Goal is Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails
What do we mean by the “Healthy Glow”? If you were to describe someone who looked healthy, how would they look? In simple terms, they look healthy because their hair their skin look healthy. We’ll extend that desrciption to also include nails. Nails are simply an extension of our skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it is what is most evident when we see someone or when others see us. Does the skin look glowing, vibrant and radiant, or is it pallid and gray looking without the “glow”? What about their hair? Is it full and thick and does it seem to shine, or is it dull and lifeless? Now, take a look at the nails, how would you describe them? At Forzea, we have designed a complete skincare regimen focusing primarily on the face and neck, but results are not limited to those areas. Our products don’t just treat the skin externally, but internally as well. We do that in 2 ways: 1. Creams & Serums - Our creams and serums are specially formulated to improve skin health by providing the nutrients, moisturizers and other ingredients that, when applied regularly, work to improve skin health, make it more resilient, combat the effects of environmental stresses and pollutants and restore the skin to a younger, healthier state. 2. Supplements - Our supplements are designed to help treat the hair, skin and nails from within by providing nutrients, vitamins and minerals that work to improve overall health and wellness as well as providing key ingredients that contribute to the health of your exterior. It’s true, you can have healthier, younger and more resilient skin, more healthy and luscious hair, and healthier and stronger nails, so check out our products below to see exactly how.
So What is the Forzea Lineup and What Will it do for Me?
So, here they are, the stars of the Forzea lineup - plus our products are guaranteed to give you results, or we’ll refund your money!
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Forzea Probiotic Night Cream If you’re going to choose just one of our products, this should be it! Our Probiotic Night Cream is virtually a miracle treatment for damaged skin and has several high-end ingredients that have been developed over years of testing and research. Although this cream has much more to it than just the probiotic technology, some key benefits of the probiotic technology are: Induces production of key ingredients of skin quality and differentiation resulting in healthier skin. Improves keratinocyte cohesion resulting in a more robust skin barrier that protects the skin. Increases the production of antimicrobial peptides which fight harmful bacteria. Promotes skin renewal (old cells being replaced with new and healthier cells). Click on the button at the left to learn about the benefits of the Forzea Probiotic Night Cream and to see what it can do for your skin.
Forzea Silky Anti-Aging Serum If you really want an amazing one-two punch, combine the use of our Probiotic Night Cream with our Silky Anti-Aging Serum (Silky for short). The night cream works it’s magic during the night while you sleep, and the Silky works during the day under your makeup to both protect your skin from premature aging and to enhance and restore skin that is already damaged. Not only will you love how this feels going on (which can only be described as amazing - you’ll see why we call it “Silky”), but you’ll really love the results. The Key anti-aging Benefits of the Forzea TM  Silky Anti-Aging Serum are: Powerful anti-wrinkle properties. Repairs damaged skin. Enhances elasticity, density and thickness of the skin. Protects skin cells from oxidative and UV damage and damage due to stress. Helps insure optimal mitochondrial activity. Works to increase the lifespan of skin cells. Promotes skin “plumping” which restores normal skin characteristics. Strengthens the dermis structure promoting more resilient skin which is more resistant to damage.
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Forzea Eye Complex So, what about that traditional trouble spot around the eyes? Our Eye Complex Cream is a premium treatment for reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes,  reducing the severity of dark spots and circles and evening out the skin, as well as minimizing symptoms of inflammation (redness and/or puffiness) aroung the eyes. Some characteristics and benefits of our Eye Complex  are: Helps maintain healthy skin stem cells. Protects from environmental skin contaminants like UVB. Helps with uneven skin tone and improves the radiance of skin. Fades dark spots. Improves skin texture. Helps reduce the fine line wrinkles around the eyes as well as reducing “crows feet”. Increases collagen production in the skin. Reduces skin inflammatory responses.
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Forzea Lift & Firm Daily Our Lift & Firm Daily is an excellent treatment for aging skin that shows the signs of sagging, fine lines and  wrinkles, this is an excellent treatment for the neck area. You’ll see some immediate results and the effects of using Lift & Firm Daily over time will be even more dramatic. What you can expect while using our Lift & Firm Daily: Smooths and lifts the skin. Tightens the skin. Fights skin sagging. Boosts the natural production of collagen. Provides nutrients that help protect the skin DNA. Contains special processed natural ingredients that improve overall skin health.
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Probiotic-40 40 Billion Why a Probiotic Supplement? Certain strains of probiotics have been shown to aid in digestive health which contributes to overall health including promoting healthy hair, skin & nails. Probiotic-40 is guaranteed to contain at least 40-billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of 4 of the most beneficial Probiotic Bacteria.
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Neuro Plus Brain & Focus Formula How can Neuro Plus Help? The Forzea Neuro Plus Brain & Focus Formula has been specifically designed to improve brain function, increase energy and reduce stress stress is one of the major contributing factors to abmormal skin conditions. Our Neuro Plus contains more than 40 tried and true ingredients.
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Hair, Skin & Nails Advanced Formula Support for healthy & vibrant hair, skin & nails Our Hair, Skin & Nails Advanced Formula contains the perfect balance of nutrients to help support healthy and lustrous hair, strong & healthy nails and healthy, vibrant & resilient skin. Use this in combination with our creams and serums for amazing results.
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Strong Lash With our Strong Lash product, the mantra is “Thicker, Longer, more Resilient Lashes” and that’s just what you get over a 30-45 day period when applied regularly. Strong Lash is so effective that is is used by top pageant contestants like Josie Sanctis (former Mrs. North Carolina who has used Strong Lash in her battle against trichotillomania and is also associated with and Kara Arnold (former Miss Utah). Eyelash Growth Serum that Works! Clinically proven formula-25 years of chemistry in every tube. FDA approved ingredients—high potency, never diluted by fillers. Fast, noticeable results—apparent eyelash growth can show in only 1-week (results in 30-45 days is more typical). Nourish & fortify—the essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Save money—no need to fuss with expensive eyelashes extensions Easy to use—application is literally as simple as applying eyeliner. Safe to use - harmless to the eyelid and iris with no discoloration.
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